What are you good at?

I have been thinking a lot about my strengths and weaknesses this week as I continue to speak to clients about what their needs are and how to develop a plan. I find myself revisiting THE question : what are your strengths and weaknesses?

For me, my strengths include my ability to speak publicly, bring people together, take a perfect group selfie and teach people how to achieve their goals.

My weaknesses include my inability to keep my apartment as neat as I want it to be, my ever evolving organizational skills, and impatience for customer service agents over the phone who put you on hold for extensive periods of time – who is with me?

But does it matter what our weaknesses are? Why is this a penultimate & fearsome question in an interview?  Unfortunately, many training and continuing development programs highlight weaknesses and try to correct them rather than developing strengths. Motivationally speaking, this is the equivalent of a parent focusing their energy on a D in math for their otherwise straight-A student.

People often feel rejection or a negative comment more fiercely  than a compliment. How many times have you replayed the moment a partner rejected you as compared to remembering the moment they told you they cared?

If we foster an environment of growth and development to each other’s strengths, employees will be more apt to improve their own weaknesses AND to approach the processes far more optimistically.

What do you think? Are you more apt to work on your weaknesses when you are more confident in your strengths?

Does your place of work encourage you to pursue you strengths? Do you receive positive reinforcement, or only hear from supervisors when something has gone awry?

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