5 Myths You NEED to Hear about Job Searching

This week we continue our search the sweet spot job, we dispel several myths about the job search.

The primary millennial stereotype says that millennials are job-hopping, passion-seeking, entitled jerks. We don’t have any loyalty or direction and just want to be handed our accomplishments. There are many articles and videos that talk about about how awful millennials are, typically in relation to the workplace. Here are my top five reasons why they are wrong, why their advice is incorrect, and why you need to say “thanks” and get right back to your modern job search.

  1. Myth: You should prioritize your company over financial stability and growth.

Gone are the days of pensions, and worse yet, many millennials have to accept the realization that the baby boomer generation did not prepare well for retirement. They also did not have to combat student loans in the way that millennials will (68% of students will have debt, over $30,000 on average). We may never receive social security, but we pay into the program to support the baby boomer generation. We have to achieve financial stability by any means necessary and that often means…

  1. Myth: Job Hopping is bad and self-indulgent.

Baby Boomers held an average of 11.7 jobs between 18 and 48 years, Millennials are expected to have up to 15 jobs in the same time frame. Furthermore, when comparing millennials and Gen-X-ers those who graduated college between 1986 and 1990 had an average of 2 jobs during the first 4 years after college, Millennials are expected to have an average of 4 jobs. This is not BAD it is a fact of life.

  1. Myth: In the beginning of your career you shouldn’t prioritize your personal life.

Never was there a day at the start of a Baby Boomer career where they were expected to be on call 24/7 because there were no cell phones. They didn’t get e-mails on Sunday, because there was no e-mail. You are entitled to choose to have the same limitations in your life as other generations have been entitled to.

  1. Myth: You should apply for jobs through the company’s website and wait to hear back.

In 5 minutes you can upload your resume and apply to millions of jobs, just like everyone else. Digital applications work sometimes but up to 80% of jobs are filled prior to their listing. The definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting the sale result…

  1. Myth: Changing your career and job hopping is suspicious.

Recruiters and hiring managers are ready to embrace career changers and they understand statistics about average number of jobs each age bracket will have. Will you have to answer hard question? YES. Will you be rejected from the job because you changed your career path? No.


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