Who are you?

In our quest to find your sweet spot job, we need to first answer the absolute most important question. Who are you?
“Who” is the way you describe yourself. It is not necessarily your interests or your profession, but it can be founded in your interests or career. It is how you identify yourself in the world. Try to keep this simple.
I will share an example:
I am a woman. I am a New Yorker. I am a runner and an athlete. I am someone who values security but also adventure. I am kind and I am someone who tries to make everyone happy. I am practical and action oriented.
Your “Who” statement should paint a simple picture of how you present yourself to the world. You will want to take a look at my “Core Values” worksheet and my “Who?” worksheet to get some ideas of questions to ask yourself when you are writing this.
Don’t be worried if your “Who” statement includes terms seem negative. Try not to pass any judgement at all. You are on this journey to GAIN clarity and find happiness. Yours may look something like this.
I am a female college graduate. I am a confused about my place in the world. I value excitement and activity and never like to sit still. I am not fulfilled but I am working towards finding fulfillment.
I am a male college graduate. I am a former college athlete. I am currently depressed. I feel that there is something better for me but I don’t know what it is.
Embrace who you are today in order to grow tomorrow!
I cannot wait to hear your “Who” statements!

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