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Hey There, I’m Jamie. I am a born and raised New Yorker with a San Francisco heart! I love the concrete jungle just as much as hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

Most days you’ll find me running (literally) around Brooklyn, cooing at adorable hipster babies, and trying to figure out exactly why I am so busy, as I schedule my next weekend trip on my iphone (sound familiar?!).   By day I am in marketing and by lunchbreak, nights and weekends I am a career and life strategist to women who are looking to get their sh*t together and finally have the life and career they have been dreaming of! I am a problem solver, slow marathoner and a champion meal planner!

My coaching style is a strong mix of woo-hoo (if you build it they will come) and practicality- we are going to make things happen, now! I love to stick to the plan, but also value flexibility, which enables me to hold you accountable but also adapt to your needs.

We will spend time figuring out exactly what you want in life. Will that delay your job search slightly? ABSOLUTELY. Will it save you from applying for jobs for months on end that you don’t actually want? 100%!

I help professionals get the jobs they want today and put together a step by step strategy on how to advance their careers, without the stress of endless online job applications.

In under 60 days, I will teach you the necessary skills to fast-track your current and future job searches, get the attention of hiring managers, and land the job that makes you feel good about going to work!

My goal is to help you develop a realistic picture of what you want in your life, let go of the “shoulds” and “woulds” and live out the life you really want – even if you have NO IDEA what that is!

If you want to hear a good story, make sure you ask about

  1. How I ended up living in San Francisco training for a half marathon, when I never ran a mile before
  2. My favorite episode of how I met your mother – The Pineapple Incident (of course!)
  3. My fear of mayonnaise
  4. My (accidental) day trip to an abandoned Russian city in Vietnam
  5. How I fell in love with Park City, UT

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