What to do when you feel like the year is flying by.

How is it possibly October? This year, 2017, has somehow felt like it is flying, but also like it is quite slow. This year, I invested in this career coaching business in a big way, so I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on my year and also, to set final quarter goals!  I find that the best way to stop that, life is flying by me feeling, is to really reflect on all of your accomplishments during that time.
Here are some of the prompts I used to get a gauge on how the year went:
What did you learn this year?
This year I learned SO much! Starting a business is a lot of work but it is amazingly rewarding, especially my business, because I get to help people reach their goals. I am so proud of my clients who have already started on their paths to a life they love and so appreciative of everything they have taught me about their diverse industries and about helping people accomplish their goals.
What did you see/where did you go this year?
This year I spent time in 3 countries, 11 states and we are not even finished yet! I saw the water falls in Sioux Falls, I walked from Nebraska to Iowa, I met new babies to my social family. What could be better than knowing you followed through on your goals?
What was a major highlight of this year?
Running is a huge part of my life, and this year I accomplished a MAJOR running goal of mine. I finished a half marathon with an average pace of under 11 min per mile! That was an amazing memory for this year!
What would you change about this year?
This year I was a bit over-scheduled. I want to be sure that next year I schedule myself some personal time and free space to just be.
What else do you want to accomplish this year?
My primary goal for the rest of 2017 is to bring in 4 more clients to my one on one coaching program. I have re-organized my schedule to make space to help more amazing people reach their goals and to find the clients that I know I can help!
How do you feel about your 2017? Share with me some of your answers to these questions in the comments!



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