Have you already made this huge mistake in your job search?

When I speak to clients, they always want to know the biggest mistake people make when they are job searching, so that they can avoid it.  They problem is, many of them have ALREADY made the mistake.
The biggest mistake you can make when job searching is waiting until you’re desperate. Waiting until EVERY job seems like the greatest job in the world… simply because it is not your current job.
Why is this a mistake? Have you ever met a guy or girl at a bar, and then they texted you too often. It was clear that they were desperate for your attention? Even if you don’t, metaphorically, text the hiring manager non-stop, your desperation comes through in your body language, and in the verbal language you use.
Worst of all, your NEGATIVITY will shine through. Most of us find it difficult to have a strong poker face and so it is impossible for us to stay completely positive and optimistic in our job search and interviews if we are struggling and unhappy. It is essential to stay positive in interviews to land the job, and more importantly, it is important for your own life experience to stay positive and optimistic through a job search.
But, its not too late. You CAN correct the issue by following a two easy steps.
1. Stay positive. Identify the good things about your current job – even if the only good thing is that they pay you!
2. Be pro-active, schedule in time to apply for jobs, don’t try to combat the depression of having a job you hate with (only) fun social experiences, commit to making the change now
Have you ever made this job searching mistake?


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