So, You Want To Start a Job Search

So you want to start a job search…

So, you recently realized its time to find a new job.  Maybe there is no more growth potential for you. Perhaps new leadership has come in and changed the dynamic of your office. Or maybe you are just ready to try something new. But where do you start? I have had clients describe looking for a job as “overwhelming”, “hopeless”, and “daunting”, but I want to change your mindset.
When it comes to job searching, I want you to see it as strategy, organized, and while, yes “stressful” probably won’t be completely eliminated from your vocabulary, an organized method of searching can help you minimize stress and maximize your results.
I teach my clients a CRCP method. Clarify, Research, Connect, Prepare.
The most important thing you can do is Clarify your goals prior to starting a job search. Write on a piece of paper, “I want to make these changes and get this type of job” and “I want to do this because XYZ.”  Clarity in this process is the difference between applying to EVERY job on and applying to the jobs that you actually want.
Research is the stage where you identify all the places where you can work. It is estimated that between 70 percent and 80 percent of jobs are never posted or are filled prior to their posting. Doing some research into where these jobs may be hiding in combination with Connecting with those people and departments can enable you to skip the line all together in the job search!
How many times have you gone to a networking event, exchanged cards with people and NEVER contacted them again? 🙋  We have all done it and had full intention of following up, but time got away from us, and now, well, we are not sure how to approach them. Imagine if you were the one person who DID follow up. What an impact you would make! How you could leverage a 5-minute conversation into a relationship…
Finally, develop a strategic method of Preparing for each application and interview. Update your resume and cover letter – for every job.  Go through a predetermined plan before every interview. Research the interviewer, research the company, review the job description, etc. That way, you can be 100 percent confident in every application you send and every interview you show up for.
How do you feel about job searching now that you can approach it with a clear plan of action?

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