This is what you need to do to be successful in 2018…

Tomorrow is December of 2017…we are practically minutes away from 2018.  This time is year can be so stressful and so overwhelming on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.
Family, end of year deadlines, end of year reviews, holidays, gift giving, the list goes on and one.
But I want to challenge you to see this time of year differently. See this time of year as a time to reflect and a time to set intention and goals for next year.  I have always been timid when it came to goals, after all, if I don’t reach my goal aren’t I a failure?
Recently I learned that that is ABSO-F’N-LUTELY bonkers! Goals are not guarantees, they should be challenging, but also attainable with the right amount of work.  Most of all it should be digestible, you should BELIEVE it is possible and actually want it!
I’m sure you’re thinking, I WANT all my goals. But I challenge you to really dig deep and think about goals past.  Think about new years resolutions that never happened. Did you really want it or did you WANT to want it…The one that comes to mind is morning workouts.
Everyone I know WANTS to work out in the morning, they wish they were the type of person to work out in the morning. We have glorified this personality trait, society has convinced us that working out in the morning makes you a fitter person.  But this is simply not true, ACTUALLY working out rather than planning to workout and sleeping through  your alarm will make you a fitter person.
I think you catch my drift…
Over the next few weeks I am planning to dig deep and set some intentions for the next few months (12 months is a little hard for me to imagine).  I will share them as I create them. But here are a few tips I have, that I will be using to start to set my goals and intentions for 2018.
1.  Reflect on what went right last year.  What were your accomplishments? Do you want to build on those? Have you maxed out and need to grow in a different direction?
2.  Reflect on what didn’t go very well.  Think about the times you were really frustrated whether it be at work or in life. What can you do over the next few months to improve that situation. Are you always misplacing your keys? Do you hate your job? Do you eat out too often?
3.  If you could wave a magic wand what would you have in your life? How can you invest in those things right now – sans magic wand? Do you truly want to invest your time in finding a partner? Do you want to go back to transition in your career? Do you want to move to a new city?
4.What has been on your to do list for year? What have you been wanting to see or do? What do you just never have time for? This about the (literal or figurative) mess in the back of the closet.
5. Be honest with yourself about what you REALLY care about right now. Not all boxed need to be checked right now. Keep in mind your true personality and how you live yourself. Look for obvious road blocks and self sabotage. EX: If you work a 9-5 it may be difficult to go to 1pm Yoga everyday…
I can’t wait to hear your goals and what is motivating you to take action next year!

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