Three ways to maintain momentum and get your team (or yourself) excited for 2018…

Let’s be realistic.  December is a rough time for most sales people, especially medical device sales professionals.  Doctors are taking vacation. Offices are FLOODED with cookies and cakes from your competitors.  The Sunshine Act seems to be completely forgotten…
Your reps are starting to feel more anxious, whether they are worrying about meeting their current quota or what the quota will be for next year…
I have been on all sides of this paradigm. As an ortho-spine sales representative, as an education and marketing manager and as a career coach. I have fought the urge to completely panic. I have given the motivational heart-to-hearts and one thing I realized is that sales managers are not doing enough to support their team members during this time of year!
You need to keep your team motivated and optimistic, no matter how dire the situation may be. The simple answer is that you need your team to maintain and develop a growth mindset.
Here are three easy tips to helping your employees (and you) develop a growth mindset.
1. Focus attention on action rather than achievement
Now, we all know that you can door knock forever, but if you don’t sell it does nothing for the quota. BUT, we also know that genuine door knocking leads to results and MANY people who don’t get results are not making their calls.  Focusing your compliments on taking action rather than achievement will lead to success while helping the representative feel more confident more quickly.
2. Identify and call out the Sales Victim Mindset
It is so easy to see yourself as the “poor sales rep”.  Sales is full of rejection and it can feel quite personal. However, it is VERY rarely personal. In fact, most of life and our negative interactions are very rarely about us at all. People have a lot going on and we tend to take out personal issues on one another.   Sometimes we fall into this ourselves and sometimes we see our colleagues slipping into this mindset. Calling them out (nicely) can help them to see the trap and get out of it more quickly.
3.  Encourage growth and learning
After introductory sales training, many people never invest in ongoing learning. Whether it be sales- or product-focused training, as cliché as it may be, knowledge is power and leads to confidence.  When we demonstrate that we are capable of growth and learning, we become more resilient and incorporate more learning and growth opportunities into our lives. One great way to encourage learning is bringing in a training and professional development professional!
Do you already encourage growth in your team? Do you have any tips that I skipped over? Do you have a great story of mindset turn around on your team?
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