How to quit your job, with grace

Congrats! You landed a great new job. You finally get to tell your current job you are out! Or maybe you just realized that it’s time for you to take a break and after careful preparation and consideration you are leaving your current role.  Either way, there is a simple method to follow to leaving your current job.

First, you are going to want to write a polite letter indicating that you are appreciative of your time at the company, but are going to be moving on to a new opportunity.  State your final day and that you will provide any assistance required in finding your replacement.

Keep this letter short and to the point. You don’t want to put anything in writing that you wouldn’t want circulated or published on the internet.

Speaking of your final date, always give at least two-week’s notice, depending on your relationship to the company and the situation leading up to you leaving. You may be told to wrap up your time sooner. It is more of a trend that companies rather just pay out part or all of your two weeks and just ask you to go immediately. They don’t want someone potentially bringing down morale. However, it is appropriate to give at least two week’s notice. If you have been at the company longer or your job is particularly involved, you can always consider more time, but no less than 2 weeks.

Just in case you are asked to leave immediately (or that day), you want to have all of your personal effects ready to go when you turn in your letter of notice. There is nothing more awkward than packing up years of trinkets and clutter PLUS all of your digital affects.  Pay attention to the guidelines of your company, where appropriate and allowed, be sure to save copies of any materials you worked on that could be valuable in your future and start taking home personal items BEFORE you turn in your notice. Most companies track your internet usage, but it doesn’t hurt to run a quick reset on your internet browsers to ensure none of your passwords are there.  A common place to forget about is the downloads drive to erase any personal file you may have downloaded, while you were at lunch of course!

Most of all stay positive. The more positive and upbeat you are about your transition, the less likely it is that things will become very negative or even angry!

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