5 things you can do to stop Sunday anxiety

A survey by Monster.com found that 76 percent of Americans experience “really bad” anxiety on Sunday night, anticipating the week to come. It is important to recognize when the anxiety is setting in and create habits to help kick the Sunday Scaries to the curb.

Here are five things you can do to set yourself up for a great week:

1. Conduct a Friday Wrap Up. Before you shut down and head home for the day, jot down two quick lists. One list of your major accomplishments from last week and one list of the things you need to work on next week. This will allow you to walk away feeling proud, successful, and prepared for the week to come.

2. Disconnect and set boundaries. It can be tempting to check your email all weekend – “stopping things from getting out of control” – however, it can be a vicious cycle. Determine a plan that is realistic for your job for creating work-life balance. You may be able to completely disconnect all weekend, or you may have to identify specific windows of time when you can address any issues that come up while you’re not “on the clock”.

3. Set weekend priorities. Too many times we plan a productive and relaxing weekend only to get carried away by social obligations. Or, we spend our weekend running errands, leaving no space for fun, self care, and relaxation. Now more than ever, as many of us manage life in quarantine, we need to find a balance that can bring us comfort and joy over the weekend. Don’t be afraid to schedule your weekend or create little routines that can help you find comfort.

4. Prep for Monday on Sunday night. Set a realistic wake up alarm, no SNOOZE necessary. Lay out an outfit – these days this may be your day sweats 😉. If you have a coffee machine that can be set up in advance…get at it.

5. Set measurable goals for your week. Start your Monday by reviewing your lists from last week and identifying 5 goals for the week. Be sure to not set the bar TOO high. Keep the list realistic and achievable…at least with the information you have! Be sure to revisit your list and adjust if new priorities pop up during the week. Don’t be afraid to reschedule.

It is important to notice when “normal” Sunday Scaries turn into something more. Never hesitate to reach out to mental health care providers, if you feel you may need a little extra help.

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