About Me

Hello! I am SO glad you’re here. Let me tell you a little about what brought us together today.

As a first-generation college student, I graduated from college with a career path in mind, but no idea how to reach my goals. On top of that, a few years into achieving my “dream”, I changed the plan. I worked tirelessly transitioning from one career to the next, nearly tripled my salary AND am happier than ever at work!

But one thing bothered me – I had to work so hard to learn how to achieve this path: networking, and developing a resume, cover letters, and social media pages that spoke to the recruiters and hiring managers – that is, after I figured out how to find the recruiters and hiring managers!  Career services was of no help and I had lost touch with my academic advisors. All I had was the internet and its varying opinions.

After all of this, I am thrilled to offer you the chance to avoid my mistakes and take the fast track towards your dream career, even if that plan changes down the road.

I help my clients create and update resumes and manage social media profiles and other personal marketing materials while creating clear short and long-term plans for getting their dream job.

Accountability and a plan could be the difference between a series of jobs you hate and years of being underpaid and unhappy, or setting yourself up for the future of your dreams.