5 Myths You NEED to Hear about Job Searching

This week we continue our search the sweet spot job, we dispel several myths about the job search. The primary millennial stereotype says that millennials are job-hopping, passion-seeking, entitled jerks. We don’t have any loyalty or direction and just want to be handed our accomplishments. There are many articles and videos that talk about about how awful millennials are, typically in relation …

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An argument for headphones at work

Over the past 7 years, I have grown a lot. I am a natural pessimist. In an instant, I can become certain the worst-case scenario is happening. However, I have also come to prioritize seeking happiness and joy in my life. These are my primary goals. There are many factors which increase happiness (and productivity) …

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How to find your Sweet Spot Job!

If you google, “How to find your dream job?”, you will get 11,700,000 results – 11 million ideas of how to find and get your dream job. That is a lot of opinions. Most of these articles will tell you to think about what you want to do and go after it. They don’t address the analysis …

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What are you good at?

I have been thinking a lot about my strengths and weaknesses this week as I continue to speak to clients about what their needs are and how to develop a plan. I find myself revisiting THE question : what are your strengths and weaknesses? For me, my strengths include my ability to speak publicly, bring …

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On Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s Law says that ‘Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.’ It was first coined at Edwards Air Force Base in 1949 at North Base, after a machine had been wired incorrectly. There are people whose lives are virtually founded on this concept. Their negativity and expectation of Murphy’s Law reinforces their belief that …

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The Worst Question in the World

What do you do?” A question in the same family as, “When are you going to find a partner/get married/have a baby?” and “What are you doing after you graduate?” These are often questions which strike a nerve. They are questions which, while meant well, can be stressful to answer- at best!

Happiness Showdown: Time vs Money

Work-Life Balance has been a phrase associated with millennials and their desire for happiness. I still do not know how the headlines make this a bad thing.

I think the association of work-life balance to the younger generation is at least partially incorrect. I think that our generation has been forced to declare this desire because it was previously more prevalent. Due to new technology, our work can fit into our pocket, something the baby boomer generation did not have to worry about.

But does work-life balance, or time outside of work, truly make us happier? The University of British Columbia seems to think so.

They recently published a study looking at the trade-off between work and money.  They analyzed the impact of a person’s general orientation to prioritize time over money on their overall happiness. In doing so, they developed the Resource Orientation Measure to determine a person’s general orientation to prioritize money or time. People who prioritize time over money reported experiencing greater happiness. This association was small but statistically meaningful. They controlled for* materialism, material striving, current feelings of time and material affluence, and relevant demographic characteristics such as income, employment, marital status, gender, and age, and the results still held up.

So what does this mean for you?

You do you. If you are at a point in your career and life where you don’t mind long hours in exchange for pay you feel comfortable with – go for it. If you do crave personal time outside of work, now you have the scientific evidence to back up the happiness gained from prioritizing time over money!

Not sure how you feel about money vs time? Haven’t quite figured out that happiness could be your primary goal in life? Even before prestige, fame or money? – lets chat!

*To control for a variable means to reduce the effect of that variable on the outcome.