5 things you can do to stop Sunday anxiety

A survey by Monster.com found that 76 percent of Americans experience “really bad” anxiety on Sunday night, anticipating the week to come. It is important to recognize when the anxiety is setting in and create habits to help kick the Sunday Scaries to the curb. Here are five things you can do to set yourself … Read more

Three ways to maintain momentum and get your team (or yourself) excited for 2018…

Let’s be realistic.  December is a rough time for most sales people, especially medical device sales professionals.  Doctors are taking vacation. Offices are FLOODED with cookies and cakes from your competitors.  The Sunshine Act seems to be completely forgotten… Your reps are starting to feel more anxious, whether they are worrying about meeting their current … Read more

So, You Want To Start a Job Search

So you want to start a job search… So, you recently realized its time to find a new job.  Maybe there is no more growth potential for you. Perhaps new leadership has come in and changed the dynamic of your office. Or maybe you are just ready to try something new. But where do you … Read more