Wish you could grow a money tree?

How many times have you looked at your bank account and wished there was more money in it? When I speak to clients, one of the biggest concerns they have is money. They don’t have savings. They don’t have financial stability. They fear the future and are paralyzed when it comes to making change to make it better.

I wanted to share my three-step method to starting down the path to financial stability with you, in case you are someone who KNOWS they need to implement change in their lives financially, but they don’t know where to start.

Spoiler alert! This easy to follow three step method works for ALL types of change.

Step 1: Take inventory.
When it comes to money (and life), we often have trouble when we feel out of control. When I talk to clients who are experiencing financial stress, I always recommend that they first take inventory. For one week, write down EVERYTHING you spend money on and all of the money you bring in. Literally you pick up a penny, write it down. You buy a pack of gum with the coins at the bottom of your bag/wallet…write it down.

Step 2: Restrict and Analyze
You get to choose how you experience life. You can wake up in the morning and repetitively tell yourself that you have no money to spend and not spend it, or you can wake up in the morning saying, “I have to buy makeup remover and I’m too tired to make lunch this morning, so i’ll just pick something up.” Take a predetermined amount of time and be very strict with your money – really analyze every purchase. Still writing down all of the in/out transactions so that you have tangible evidence of what is going on. I recommend literally writing it down on paper. I think there is something particularly meaningful about that process. Something that is usually helpful during this time is to have a list of wants. Write down all the things you want to purchase but recognize it should not happen during this analysis time. During this month you should also be able to create a clear picture of your necessary monthly spending.

Step 3: Evaluation and create a plan
For the first time through this process you want to create a long-term strategy. You now see the holes, you have plugged them aggressively, but now you need to create a lasting plan. This is where you need to really be honest with yourself and the current state of affairs. You are not committing to a strategy FOREVER because life is constantly evolving. You are creating a strategy to solve your current problem. Create small goals that you can achieve along the way and be sure to celebrate those goals! Create a chart on the wall you can color in your progress or give yourself a reward for each phase of completion. Most of all, always have a way of reminding yourself of your WHY, every step of the way.

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Three ways to maintain momentum and get your team (or yourself) excited for 2018…

Let’s be realistic.  December is a rough time for most sales people, especially medical device sales professionals.  Doctors are taking vacation. Offices are FLOODED with cookies and cakes from your competitors.  The Sunshine Act seems to be completely forgotten…
Your reps are starting to feel more anxious, whether they are worrying about meeting their current quota or what the quota will be for next year…
I have been on all sides of this paradigm. As an ortho-spine sales representative, as an education and marketing manager and as a career coach. I have fought the urge to completely panic. I have given the motivational heart-to-hearts and one thing I realized is that sales managers are not doing enough to support their team members during this time of year!
You need to keep your team motivated and optimistic, no matter how dire the situation may be. The simple answer is that you need your team to maintain and develop a growth mindset.
Here are three easy tips to helping your employees (and you) develop a growth mindset.
1. Focus attention on action rather than achievement
Now, we all know that you can door knock forever, but if you don’t sell it does nothing for the quota. BUT, we also know that genuine door knocking leads to results and MANY people who don’t get results are not making their calls.  Focusing your compliments on taking action rather than achievement will lead to success while helping the representative feel more confident more quickly.
2. Identify and call out the Sales Victim Mindset
It is so easy to see yourself as the “poor sales rep”.  Sales is full of rejection and it can feel quite personal. However, it is VERY rarely personal. In fact, most of life and our negative interactions are very rarely about us at all. People have a lot going on and we tend to take out personal issues on one another.   Sometimes we fall into this ourselves and sometimes we see our colleagues slipping into this mindset. Calling them out (nicely) can help them to see the trap and get out of it more quickly.
3.  Encourage growth and learning
After introductory sales training, many people never invest in ongoing learning. Whether it be sales- or product-focused training, as cliché as it may be, knowledge is power and leads to confidence.  When we demonstrate that we are capable of growth and learning, we become more resilient and incorporate more learning and growth opportunities into our lives. One great way to encourage learning is bringing in a training and professional development professional!
Do you already encourage growth in your team? Do you have any tips that I skipped over? Do you have a great story of mindset turn around on your team?
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This is what you need to do to be successful in 2018…

Tomorrow is December of 2017…we are practically minutes away from 2018.  This time is year can be so stressful and so overwhelming on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.
Family, end of year deadlines, end of year reviews, holidays, gift giving, the list goes on and one.
But I want to challenge you to see this time of year differently. See this time of year as a time to reflect and a time to set intention and goals for next year.  I have always been timid when it came to goals, after all, if I don’t reach my goal aren’t I a failure?
Recently I learned that that is ABSO-F’N-LUTELY bonkers! Goals are not guarantees, they should be challenging, but also attainable with the right amount of work.  Most of all it should be digestible, you should BELIEVE it is possible and actually want it!
I’m sure you’re thinking, I WANT all my goals. But I challenge you to really dig deep and think about goals past.  Think about new years resolutions that never happened. Did you really want it or did you WANT to want it…The one that comes to mind is morning workouts.
Everyone I know WANTS to work out in the morning, they wish they were the type of person to work out in the morning. We have glorified this personality trait, society has convinced us that working out in the morning makes you a fitter person.  But this is simply not true, ACTUALLY working out rather than planning to workout and sleeping through  your alarm will make you a fitter person.
I think you catch my drift…
Over the next few weeks I am planning to dig deep and set some intentions for the next few months (12 months is a little hard for me to imagine).  I will share them as I create them. But here are a few tips I have, that I will be using to start to set my goals and intentions for 2018.
1.  Reflect on what went right last year.  What were your accomplishments? Do you want to build on those? Have you maxed out and need to grow in a different direction?
2.  Reflect on what didn’t go very well.  Think about the times you were really frustrated whether it be at work or in life. What can you do over the next few months to improve that situation. Are you always misplacing your keys? Do you hate your job? Do you eat out too often?
3.  If you could wave a magic wand what would you have in your life? How can you invest in those things right now – sans magic wand? Do you truly want to invest your time in finding a partner? Do you want to go back to transition in your career? Do you want to move to a new city?
4.What has been on your to do list for year? What have you been wanting to see or do? What do you just never have time for? This about the (literal or figurative) mess in the back of the closet.
5. Be honest with yourself about what you REALLY care about right now. Not all boxed need to be checked right now. Keep in mind your true personality and how you live yourself. Look for obvious road blocks and self sabotage. EX: If you work a 9-5 it may be difficult to go to 1pm Yoga everyday…
I can’t wait to hear your goals and what is motivating you to take action next year!

One change can impact your entire job search experience

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear is, “How do I get someone to actually look at my resume?” What they mean is how do they overcome the online application portals which receive, on average, 118 applicants.
However, the interesting thing is that when my answer inevitably requires networking, professionals are resistant to the idea.
Now, you can find articles that try to help you trick the system, however, that is what EVERYONE is trying to do. The goal here is to stand out, and I wanted to share a few ways to do just that.
1. Get a referral
Find a friend, family member or new Linkedin connection to meet with, explain why you are qualified for the role and ask for a referral. Many people are eager for the opportunity if you are a genuinely good fit for the job because many companies offer compensation for finding new employees.
2. Say hello!
Thanks to technology, it is rare to imagine a person who cannot be contacted. Whether its through LinkedIn or tracking down their BUSINESS e-mail address  – let’s not completely stalk people, friends – it is not that difficult to have a conversation with someone, or at least to ask for that conversation. Sending an independent e-mail to the HR representative you believe to be responsible for that position is a 10-second way to help you stand out in the crowd!
3. Recruiters
A recruiter’s job is to find the right candidate. Now many people find working with recruiters to be difficult because they ONLY want to talk to the best candidate, the candidate they can be confident will land the job. But, of course this is true, because their compensation is based on filling the position. It is your job to convince them and any other hiring manager that YOU are the best person for the job.
4. Have a simple, effective resume.
Recruiters spend 6 seconds looking at a resume. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it does need to be easier to read. Your resume should be simple, straightforward and pleasant to look at (a decent amount of white space!).
Now it is up to you. You can continue to be annoyed by the system or you can make a shift in your application process…what are you doing to do?

Have you ever sat at your desk and wondered if you were going to be fired?

Last week, when I was speaking at Barclays Capital, I had a moment that all speakers fear: I asked a question that fell flat in the moment. Now, I feel very good about how I handled this situation, however, it was an interesting moment to me.
I had asked, “Have you ever sat at your desk and wondered if you were going to be fired?” and not a single hand went up. Now typically, several people raise their hand, and we acknowledge that in fact they did not REALLY believe they were going to be fired, but the anxiety of the moment left them wondering.
This group though, they never had that fear and it left me with a new question…
How has this organization managed to provide such security to their employees? Is it through open communication? Is it through a thorough HR process where the employees understand that it takes a significant error, repetitively to actually be let go?
My purpose in asking this question is to show the value and importance of seeking feedback from our supervisors and colleagues.  We are likely to assume the worst, and so afraid of hearing it that we never ask. In this group, it was clear that feedback was not part of their day to day.
However, this group had recently completed their self assessments.  lightbulb emoji. They had recently been given a chance to describe all the things they did well this year and now I asked them to think about a time they felt bad about their performance. They were not in that mindset. They were in a positive growth mindset… the exact topic of my presentation!
I am so excited to learn more about the power of self assessments on employees and how this can impact their perception of themselves and productivity at work!
Does your employer require self assessments as part of the annual review process? How often to you pause and ask yourself how things are going, not in a state of anxiety, but just as an honest overall picture?

So, You Want To Start a Job Search

So you want to start a job search…

So, you recently realized its time to find a new job.  Maybe there is no more growth potential for you. Perhaps new leadership has come in and changed the dynamic of your office. Or maybe you are just ready to try something new. But where do you start? I have had clients describe looking for a job as “overwhelming”, “hopeless”, and “daunting”, but I want to change your mindset.
When it comes to job searching, I want you to see it as strategy, organized, and while, yes “stressful” probably won’t be completely eliminated from your vocabulary, an organized method of searching can help you minimize stress and maximize your results.
I teach my clients a CRCP method. Clarify, Research, Connect, Prepare.
The most important thing you can do is Clarify your goals prior to starting a job search. Write on a piece of paper, “I want to make these changes and get this type of job” and “I want to do this because XYZ.”  Clarity in this process is the difference between applying to EVERY job on indeed.com and applying to the jobs that you actually want.
Research is the stage where you identify all the places where you can work. It is estimated that between 70 percent and 80 percent of jobs are never posted or are filled prior to their posting. Doing some research into where these jobs may be hiding in combination with Connecting with those people and departments can enable you to skip the line all together in the job search!
How many times have you gone to a networking event, exchanged cards with people and NEVER contacted them again? 🙋  We have all done it and had full intention of following up, but time got away from us, and now, well, we are not sure how to approach them. Imagine if you were the one person who DID follow up. What an impact you would make! How you could leverage a 5-minute conversation into a relationship…
Finally, develop a strategic method of Preparing for each application and interview. Update your resume and cover letter – for every job.  Go through a predetermined plan before every interview. Research the interviewer, research the company, review the job description, etc. That way, you can be 100 percent confident in every application you send and every interview you show up for.
How do you feel about job searching now that you can approach it with a clear plan of action?

Have you already made this huge mistake in your job search?

When I speak to clients, they always want to know the biggest mistake people make when they are job searching, so that they can avoid it.  They problem is, many of them have ALREADY made the mistake.
The biggest mistake you can make when job searching is waiting until you’re desperate. Waiting until EVERY job seems like the greatest job in the world… simply because it is not your current job.
Why is this a mistake? Have you ever met a guy or girl at a bar, and then they texted you too often. It was clear that they were desperate for your attention? Even if you don’t, metaphorically, text the hiring manager non-stop, your desperation comes through in your body language, and in the verbal language you use.
Worst of all, your NEGATIVITY will shine through. Most of us find it difficult to have a strong poker face and so it is impossible for us to stay completely positive and optimistic in our job search and interviews if we are struggling and unhappy. It is essential to stay positive in interviews to land the job, and more importantly, it is important for your own life experience to stay positive and optimistic through a job search.
But, its not too late. You CAN correct the issue by following a two easy steps.
1. Stay positive. Identify the good things about your current job – even if the only good thing is that they pay you!
2. Be pro-active, schedule in time to apply for jobs, don’t try to combat the depression of having a job you hate with (only) fun social experiences, commit to making the change now
Have you ever made this job searching mistake?


What to do when you feel like the year is flying by.

How is it possibly October? This year, 2017, has somehow felt like it is flying, but also like it is quite slow. This year, I invested in this career coaching business in a big way, so I wanted to take a few minutes to reflect on my year and also, to set final quarter goals!  I find that the best way to stop that, life is flying by me feeling, is to really reflect on all of your accomplishments during that time.
Here are some of the prompts I used to get a gauge on how the year went:
What did you learn this year?
This year I learned SO much! Starting a business is a lot of work but it is amazingly rewarding, especially my business, because I get to help people reach their goals. I am so proud of my clients who have already started on their paths to a life they love and so appreciative of everything they have taught me about their diverse industries and about helping people accomplish their goals.
What did you see/where did you go this year?
This year I spent time in 3 countries, 11 states and we are not even finished yet! I saw the water falls in Sioux Falls, I walked from Nebraska to Iowa, I met new babies to my social family. What could be better than knowing you followed through on your goals?
What was a major highlight of this year?
Running is a huge part of my life, and this year I accomplished a MAJOR running goal of mine. I finished a half marathon with an average pace of under 11 min per mile! That was an amazing memory for this year!
What would you change about this year?
This year I was a bit over-scheduled. I want to be sure that next year I schedule myself some personal time and free space to just be.
What else do you want to accomplish this year?
My primary goal for the rest of 2017 is to bring in 4 more clients to my one on one coaching program. I have re-organized my schedule to make space to help more amazing people reach their goals and to find the clients that I know I can help!
How do you feel about your 2017? Share with me some of your answers to these questions in the comments!



Who are you?

In our quest to find your sweet spot job, we need to first answer the absolute most important question. Who are you?
“Who” is the way you describe yourself. It is not necessarily your interests or your profession, but it can be founded in your interests or career. It is how you identify yourself in the world. Try to keep this simple.
I will share an example:
I am a woman. I am a New Yorker. I am a runner and an athlete. I am someone who values security but also adventure. I am kind and I am someone who tries to make everyone happy. I am practical and action oriented.
Your “Who” statement should paint a simple picture of how you present yourself to the world. You will want to take a look at my “Core Values” worksheet and my “Who?” worksheet to get some ideas of questions to ask yourself when you are writing this.
Don’t be worried if your “Who” statement includes terms seem negative. Try not to pass any judgement at all. You are on this journey to GAIN clarity and find happiness. Yours may look something like this.
I am a female college graduate. I am a confused about my place in the world. I value excitement and activity and never like to sit still. I am not fulfilled but I am working towards finding fulfillment.
I am a male college graduate. I am a former college athlete. I am currently depressed. I feel that there is something better for me but I don’t know what it is.
Embrace who you are today in order to grow tomorrow!
I cannot wait to hear your “Who” statements!

5 Things No One Admits About Looking for a Job

Looking for a job is HARD and there is so much information (and MISinformation) circulating that I wanted to share the top 5 TRUTHS of looking for a job, that no one likes to admit!
1. It IS about who you know, as much as what you know…but you don’t need to know those people right now!
I have seen numbers quoted that as high as 70 to 80 percent of jobs are NOT posted. That means you need to get out there and start meeting people. Make sure you actually show up for the networking event you bought tickets to. One of the best ways to grow your network is by using LinkedIn. Most people on LinkedIn never communicate with one another so you will be a step above the rest just by saying “Hello!”
2. Job hunting is a commitment. 
If you are doing it right, you should be busy most of the time you are not working. You should be tracking down people and asking for informational interviews. You should be in coffee shops meeting new people, at industry events AND applying for jobs online, because you need to cover all of your bases! This is probably not the best time to join Tinder.
3. You will get rejected, a lot.
Everyone is looking for their perfect candidate. To the hiring managers, that is going to be the person who is most-highly qualified, looking for pay in their predetermined range. You will face rejection and that is OK! You want to find a job that makes sense for both parties, and starting off on sour note will not help anyone.
4. You will NEED to miss work for interviews.
If you were interviewing someone, how would you feel is they asked you to meet them at 7:30 a.m. so they were not inconvenienced? What about trying to squeeze in an interview at 4:30 p.m. when you’re trying to get home to your family or just to your personal life?  Hiring managers feel the same way. You can always ask for a convenient time slot for your interview, but be cognizant of their jobs and needs as well. At the end of the day, you are trying to make the best impression possible, and there are tons of candidates who ARE willing to take a day off for the interview.
5. There is no such thing as a perfect job.
Every job will require comprise. Whether it’s a longer commute than you hoped for, slightly less pay or mediocre health benefits. It is important for you to know where your line in the sand is. What compromises can you make without resentment? What is essential for you to have in your current and future position? Knowing these before you start interviewing will enable you to confidently make requests during negotiations and will make it easier for you to pass on an opportunity that is not right for YOU!
Ready to start your job search? Been applying for jobs but are never hearing back?