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Wish you could grow a money tree?

How many times have you looked at your bank account and wished there was more money in it? When I speak to clients, one of the biggest concerns they have is money. They don’t have savings. They don’t have financial stability. They fear the future and are paralyzed when it comes to making change to make it better.

Three ways to maintain momentum and get your team (or yourself) excited for 2018...

Let’s be realistic.  December is a rough time for most sales people, especially medical device sales professionals.  Doctors are taking vacation. Offices are FLOODED with cookies and cakes from your competitors.  The Sunshine Act seems to be completely forgotten…

This is what you need to do to be successful in 2018...

Tomorrow is December of 2017…we are practically minutes away from 2018.  This time is year can be so stressful and so overwhelming on EVERY SINGLE LEVEL.
Family, end of year deadlines, end of year reviews, holidays, gift giving, the list goes on and one.

Our Clients Feedback

Jamie has been a special treat for me! She pushed me and always checked in to make sure that I was doing well and to see if I needed any help. She pushed me and always checked in to make sure I was doing good and if I needed any help. I have a long way to go but I know with Jamie on my side I’ll hit all of my goals.
Daisha B.
Seattle, WA
Jamie was an incredible thought partner during my transition. I had my general picture and next steps outlined, but was missing details and nuances. Jamie was able to help me brainstorm ideas – both on a macro and micro level. Her expertise across industries, knowledge of best practices, and ability to customize the experience for my personal situation was evident in all touch points. I would highly recommend her. Whether it is for career coaching, thought partnering, or laying out your thoughts and having her vet them, she is an incredible resource.
Joanna K.
Washington, D.C.
At no point did I feel like “just a client” to Jamie. She took the time to get to know me as a person and understand exactly what it is I was looking for – even when I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I was looking for. Her advice proved to be exactly what I needed to hear to propel myself forward in my life, both personally and career-wise. She has truly helped me change my life for the positive and I thank her so incredibly much for that. I strongly recommend Jamie to anyone who’s looking for any sort of guidance – she’ll really make sure your head is screwed on right.
Meghan B.
Chicago, IL